Business Lender Market Ready Checklist

Build and attract more leads on your own.

Market-Ready Checklist

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Is your business market-ready enough to get your business the best leads? Don’t panic. Chances are you have several components already and this checklist is a great guide to double-check. What is market-ready? It’s an important process that prepares your business and attracts businesses seeking funding to learn more about the lending opportunities your company offers.  Build and attract more leads on your own.  Start here:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Email Marketing/Lead Generation/CRM Management

Why are these components so important for lending? It’s simple. The most successful businesses take the necessary steps to plan, build, modify and ultimately persevere. These core elements of any business model can give any lender the best chance at attracting and qualifying leads

Marketing Plan

It all starts with marketing and your budget. If your serious about isolating the best possible leads that fit your business model, then you need to take a closer look at your marketing plan. How are you communicating with your potential customers? How effective are your marketing methods? Is your budget prepared correctly? If you don’t take your marketing plan or budget seriously, you could be throwing your money out the window and losing quality leads. How much do you plan on spending to acquire a customer? To get the best possible leads, it requires a lender to take a more strategic approach to sales projections, marketing tactics and a budget to go along with it. Take the time with one our seasoned consultants to review your marketing plan and make sure your ready to answer the tough questions lenders will ask about your marketing strategy.  Click here to support.



With so many web platforms out there to choose from, it’s than ever for a lender to have an established presence online. Still, many businesses struggle with coming across as professional with the outdated websites or worse, no website at all. Do you want to know the first thing companies seeking funding will do when searching for a business loan? They will search for loan lenders, banks and so forth, looking for available opportunities. If they by chance they are aware of your business, they will automatically “Google you” and your business and if you don’t have a professional website, this may limit your chances of getting credible leads you need. Many businesses know they need a website, but beyond that don’t have a clue where to begin. If you’re looking for a simple solution for a website, contact one of web consultants today to get a simple web solution with a professional branded look that’s mobile-ready, using tools like WordPress among others. Our professionals are fast and efficient, offering affordable packages depending on your business model. Click here to get started.


Facebook Page

Does your lending business have Facebook Business Page? The most recent statistic on Facebook users (https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2017/11/07/facebook-statistics), the estimated number of active users is over 2 Billion. Additionally, over 50 million businesses have a business page on Facebook. Social media isn’t going anywhere, and Facebook is living proof of that statement. Lenders need to strategically position themselves on online platforms where customers and other fans can find them easily. Facebook is an important place to start. Creating a Facebook Page is easy but still, many businesses forget to do so. We have consultants that can set up your business social pages/profiles, train your staff in the social media marketing or even plan/manage your social media needs. Click here to get started.


Email Marketing/Lead Generation/CRM Management

Some of the savviest and largest lenders out there are marketing to their customers and potential customers using email marketing, their own lead-gen systems and of course incorporating these into an automated CRM. Using forms on your website to collect a user’s email address can provide a business more opportunities to market their product or services. This includes both short and long sales-cycle. Putting systems in place on your website or even Facebook page that can engage customers is a great way to gain more insight into what your customers want. Implementing marketing initiatives like this can help improve your business and impress lenders. If you’re looking for a way to automate your marketing efforts using a web form, sales funnel or even CRM, we can help you with some key tools we use every day.

Hourly rates Market Strategy: $350/hour

Website WordPress Creation: $2500 for Four-page website to include: Home, About Us, Loan Services and Contact Us. Depending on the lender, this service may include updating/replacing existing website, website template and some customization, content imagery, domain and so forth.  For specific details, the ebusinessloanleads.com will evaluate an offer a customized proposal to meet each lender’s needs.

Facebook Page: $125 Facebook Page Setup which includes securing a username, assigning an admin and creating/installing design components such as adding a profile image and cover image.

Social Media Services: ebusinessloanleads.com offers expert staff to train lender employees on how to manage their social media profiles. Our training services are $150 and include three half-hours one on one training sessions with a social media professional. In addition, lenders will have access to key videos on social media and how to build a following. If a lender is unable to manage their own social media presence, we also provide social media managed services. For a total of $650 per month, we offer lenders a social media professional who will manage 3 social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This service includes social media marketing strategy, content creation and scheduling, daily monitoring, quarterly reporting and email support.  Lenders who sign up for annual social media plans are eligible for Free Facebook advertising which is approximately $50 per month.

Email Marketing/Lead Generation/CRM Management: ebusinessloanleads.com can take your marketing to a new level with installing web lead-gen system to capture businesses who are seeking to finance. Our team of professionals offers a total system which includes email pop-ups, sales funnels, and CRM integration for a fee of $1000.  In addition to the set-up, we offer select lenders for a fee of $1500 customized strategies and tactics like content creation, social media advertising, lead surveys and monitoring to grow your own qualified leads faster.

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