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Equipment financing loan leads and leasing leads

Definition of equipment financing loan lead

What is an equipment financing loan lead? The basic requirements for an equipment loan lead are that a business wants to finance equipment using the equipment as collateral.

This seems obvious, however, consider for a moment that many borrowers don’t realize that the could get equipment financed and are applying for some other type of loan.

As a lender, you are going to want to be looking for a borrower and a lead that wants to purchase some kind of equipment (nothing like stating the obvious). If you can buy leads, that can be filtered for equipment purchases all the better.


Equipment leasing leads


Leasing is basically the owner of the equipment is renting it out not unlike a car lease. The lead is going to be looking to get more bang for his buck with an equipment lease as compared to a loan. An example would be a company that is expanding their office, and they need desks, chairs, computers, cubicles, and all the other great stuff that you can fill the room with. The lead is going to be looking to do the deal as fast as they can, if nothing else but to get it off their plate so they can get back to business.

This lead is going to be looking for the best price and the fastest turnaround. IF a leasing company can do a deal quickly as in that same day or week the deal will probably close.


Equipment financing or loan leads?


These leads are sometimes faced with start-up issues or growing pains. Sometimes these borrowers are looking to pay cash for equipment, but it’s going to eat up too much capital and operating expenses.

This type of loan can be the fuel for business growth.Asking the lead if keeping or freeing up capital would help the decision to purchase all that they need or be able to avoid an additional loan for operating expenses.

Peace of mind and ease of approval is a selling point. Getting the equipment in a timely manner and avoiding all of the extensive paperwork that they can avoid with a traditional loan is another key selling point.

If giving a chance try and specialize and niche as much as you can. Filter as much as you can at first and then if more leads are needed you can always cast a bigger net. Niching can also benefit with your own marketing efforts as well.


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