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More Information About Factoring Leads

Definition of a factoring loan lead

What is a factoring loan lead? A factoring loan lead is a prospective borrower that has creditworthy accounts receivables and wants to sell those commercial accounts/or factor the invoices to a financier is a factoring or invoice factoring loan lead.

A qualified factoring loan lead is a business that has receivables for services or products and the service and product have been completely delivered. The customers must be paying on time and not behind on any money owed to the business. Typically factoring leads are firms that have more than one customer and have more than $10,000 in accounts receivables.

Other factors for a qualified factoring loan lead are no credit given to the business that holds a UCC-1 or a first position on the receivables.

Factoring loans, factoring invoice loans, factoring financing or invoice factoring all have common challenges when it comes to finding a steady flow of leads,

Traditionally most factoring deals were done with annual receivables at half a million. These deals still are being done however with the ability to use applications and software the availability for a lot more businesses to qualify for Factoring.

Use your database to search for the average of your closed deals not just for the typical filters. Look at industry type, the location of the business, years in business, and others to maximize your lead spend.

Factoring can be a little confusing to a business owner. Take your time and explain how everything works and answer all the questions in a straightforward manner. When you get a lead ask questions about their businesses first before you dive right into selling them a factoring financing. Building trust will be necessary for a first timer.

Here are some of the industries that you can be looking for potential borrowers.

Few more things to consider about Factoring Loans.

Here are some quick tips on where to find factoring leads on your own. Keep in mind that many of these same industries and segmentations can be used to create a Facebook audience that can help bring in more leads.

Manufacturing businesses that would use factoring

Food and beverage
Consumer goods
Telecommunications and equipment
Construction equipment manufacturer


Indirect distributors
Direct distributors
Exclusive distributors

Types of companies that can benefit from factoring

Undercapitalized or new companies
Growth-oriented companies
Companies that cannot obtain adequate bank financing
Companies with tax problems, liens, or in the process of working through a bankruptcy
Companies with low or negative net worth

Different types of wholesalers

Mail order wholesalers
Specialty wholesalers
Drop ship wholesalers
Online wholesalers
Merchant or Retail wholesalers
Specialty product wholesalers

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