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How long has eBusinessLoanLeads.com, BusinessLoanLeads.org been in business?

eBusinessLoanLeads.com, BusinessLoanLeads.org formed in 2009, however, the principles of the company have been marketing online and generating and aggregating data for well over a decade.

How many times is each business lead sold?

It depends on a lot of different factors and each lead may be different.Leads are sold on a semi-exclusive basis up to a maximum or 5 times when it comes through as a real-time lead. Although the system will allow a lead to be sold up to 5 times when it comes through the system, in reality most leads come through and match with less than 5 lead buyers.

We also have Cherry Picker leads available. Once a lead is sold 5 times as a Cherry Picker lead, it disappears from the lead system entirely and cannot be sold again. Any lead you see for sale in the Cherry Picker has been sold 4 times or less, or else it wouldn’t appear for sale any longer.

What type of business loan leads do you have?

We generate and aggregates data in a variety of different vertical markets and lead categories, however, we currently specialize in business loan and merchant services leads (Credit Card Processing and Credit Card Equipment).

Will you send leads on a revenue share?

We do not offer leads on a revenue share basis. We only work on a cost per lead model.

Where do you get the business loan leads from?

The beauty of the business loan Lead System lies in the diversity with which data is aggregated. We currently have multiple dozens of different sources all feeding data into the system. A majority of the data comes from online forms, but we also work with several call centers. Regardless of where a lead comes from, each merchant has to answer nearly the same types questions in order to be matched with potential funding sources/lead buyers.  

What closing ratios are your other clients currently experiencing?

This is information that lenders don’t feel comfortable sharing and we do not have direct access to our lead buyers systems to determine exactly how many of our leads they are closing. There are also many variables that come into play so it is impossible to nail down a specific figure you can expect to close. We hear feedback from time to time, but nothing consistent or concrete enough to give you a specific number. We can say that we have had lead buyers that have been with us for many years, so we know that it is possible to make a strong ROI on the program with the right mindset and execution.

Are you a lead broker? Do you buy and resell leads?

No. We are a lead aggregator that compiles leads in different categories from a variety of different sources. Some of our lead sources are channels that we own and controls the marketing for. We also get traffic from affiliate and referral partners. 


Can you send me free business loan leads to test?

We can send a sample lead for you to see what they look like and what data comes with it, but we are unable to send free leads to test. There are several reasons for this.

  1. We wouldn’t be able to send enough leads to get a good sample size. Two or three leads isn’t enough to determine the overall quality of a lead program receiving 10-15 thousand leads per month.
  2. We want lead buyers that are serious and are willing to commit to what we think are very low minimums to get started.
  3. Many of the leads we get are from affiliate sources, so we would have to pay out of pocket for every free lead we sent without any guarantee that client would end up joining our lead program. It wouldn’t be feasible to send free leads to everyone that asked for them.
Do you sell leads for MCA, SBA, Equipment Leasing, Commercial Real Estate, etc.

Yes. Our lead channels, however, do take a more general approach to how data is collected. Instead of having merchants apply for specific types of funding, our lead sources are designed to find people that are simply looking for funding for their business. They have to answer certain questions for us to match them with sources of financing, so you as a lead buyer can utilize filters to target certain merchants depending on what the qualification requirements are for your programs.

What are the best leads to buy?

That is a highly subjective question. Some lead buyers purchase only real-time leads, some purchase only aged leads, and some purchase both. Like the saying goes, one person’s trash in another person’s treasure. We have had lead buyers have success with every type of lead that we offer.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

We are potentially able to offer preferred lead buyer pricing on a case by case basis if you meet certain volume requirements. Please contact your account admin to discuss.

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