Business Loan Leads Return and Exchange Policy


Hi everybody. Rob Wagner here from www.businessloanleads.org. So of you are asking the question, “Do you get an exchange for a bad lead?”

A lot of times, people ask, “What about a return or a refund or an exchange policy? Do you have one?” The simple answer is, “Yes. Of course, we do.” It’s easy to understand. It’s really straightforward and simple. Part of the reason for that is because we are a lead generation company.


Not all leads are perfect

We know that not every lead is perfect. There are mistakes made, people fill out erroneous information online, and sometimes, you just don’t get a great lead. It can be frustrating. We recognize that.

We try to develop our policy based on knowing that not every lead is perfect and not every lead is good and that can be frustrating. So we wanted to create a policy where it could alleviate some of that stress and frustration.


How hard is it to get an exchange for a bad lead?

Is it difficult to get a bad business loan lead exchanged or refunded? No, it’s not. You control it. It’s all setup in the software. You literally log-in and you can exchange that bad lead for a new lead. You can simply do that by clicking a couple buttons.

You do not need to contact us. It’s built into the system. You don’t need to email us; you don’t need to call us, you don’t need to beg for a refund or an exchange.


Exchange up to 20% of the total leads that you purchase

You could exchange up to 20% of your total leads. Simple. The system’s setup so that each month; you can refund or exchange up to 20% of your leads that you purchased for that month.


What is a bad lead?

What’s considered a bad lead? Let’s just talk about that for a second. A bad lead is simple: disconnected numbers, wrong numbers, international merchants or international leads that are not relevant, generally just fake leads which shouldn’t be confused with fake news; two totally different things. So if it’s just a really crappy lead, you can exchange it for a new lead. You can do that up to 20% of the time.

Just to recap, great return and exchange policy on leads that are not very good or have incorrect information. You don’t have to contact us to do it. You do it on your own through the system.

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