How Our Process Works


How do we get our data?

So how do we get our data? In addition to our network of websites, we have partnered with hundreds of sites and businesses around the country that generate massive amounts of data every day.


The key is in our partners

Our partners can only monetize a small portion of the data they collect, so they turn to us to be able to get those leads into the hands of someone that can monetize them. We are the largest business finance lead networks in the country.



Is there a better way to generate leads?

The lead generation business has changed, it’s no longer good enough to buy list and make random calls or create an email blast to half a million records. The key to great being a great lead generation businesses is in having an inbound marketing campaign that focused on the borrower.

 Lead Aggregation involves many different factors


Data Verification

The next step is to make sure the data we get from our partners is verified and scrubbed to the best of our ability. Each lead you purchase has gone through a strict screening process to ensure there will be a live person on the other end when you call. Sure, a few bad leads slip through the crack, but that is why we have a refund policy.



Close the Deal

Once the lead is delivered, it is your job to close it. Beyond lead aggregation and delivery, we have other tools available to help you succeed. Contact us to learn about our software products, marketing, and consulting services.


Lead Delivery

All leads are delivered in real-time into your current CRM, or to any email address you choose using a file format that fits your needs. Feel free to ask us about our suggestions on which CRM’s are our favorites.


Filter Control

Setting your lead filters correctly is crucial to ensure you are getting the right type of lead for what your company is offering. We make it incredibly simple to tweak your lead filters to make sure you are getting as high quality a lead as possible.

Don't Be Shy Let's Talk

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime. You never know I may just come up with something brilliant!