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You never know what kind of borrower you are going to get when you buy startup business loan leads. Let’s face it the lead or prospect is telling you that they don’t have a business or the business is very new.

Many borrowers that need a loan for a startup just don’t qualify for a conventional loan.

A lead that is a startup and is requesting a loan may not have the same closing rate as an existing business, or a startup may not meet the qualifications required to get funding. 

New business owners can become frustrated with the lending process, and this may lead borrowers toward a business credit cards. Because they are just starting out a business credit cards can look right to these borrowers. When it comes to smaller amounts, a personal or business credit card could be the best loan for a startup.

In some cases, the borrowers are educated and are looking to use retirement money to fund their venture. Unfortunately for many lead generators, they don’t filter on whether a lead has a pension plan of not.

Microloans may also be a possibility for a startup borrower so if you don’t have microloans available it would be something to consider adding to a product line.

Keep in mind that you have a long-term marketing plan and will keep people and businesses on your mailing list. You never know who you didn’t give a loan to will still recommend you because of your good will.

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