Who We Want As Partners

We want lenders that want to grow their business, and we can help!



Who is the right lender

Selling leads to anyone that is willing to buy does not help the borrower or legitimate lenders.


We want lenders that want to grow

Our goal is to assist lenders to grow their business by connecting them with companies that want or need financing.


If you suck so do we

We understand that the success of our lenders is what will give us success and will help us grow as well. Compromising our data for short-term gains is not what we are going to do.

Who we sell to:


Business loan brokers

If you broker loans for small businesses we want to talk to you.


Direct Lenders

If you have your own funds to lend we have the borrowers.


SBA Lenders

If you are a lender that works with any SBA loan program you are a good fit.

Who we don’t sell to:


Lead Reseller

Businesses don’t want their information sold. If you resell information we don’t want you on our system.


Non Lenders

If you are purchasing leads to sell them something that they are not looking for you can go someplace else.


Lead Brokers

If you are buying leads to sell somewhere else or to your own network is not something that we are interested in.

Don't Be Shy Let's Talk

If we didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime. You never know I may just come up with something brilliant!